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WeArt Jewelry

About Us

Specializing in luxurious and free-spirited wedding dresses, AmazingBridal creates artfully and goddess designs with a more than 16-year dress-making experienced craftsmen team. Every piece of delicate lace is carefully chosen from selected lace mills around the world. To respect your good taste and unique ideas, our team are there to assist you with any styling advice and customized service you may need. For the women of attitude, style , passion and idea-Welcome to AmazingBridal .
  We are looking forward to helping you establish your beauty legend on your very special day!

Hi, Mavis!! Thank you so much!!! Everyone loves my dress!! We have a bit of nightmare trying to iron the veil but it was good at the end. Seriously everyone loves it so much~Be proud of your work, because it's so amazing!!!

Maria Jones

I have been looking for an elegant and classic dress for my big day. AmazingBridal Couture team helped me to design my unique dress, they used Japanese graphic lace to complete my minimalism bridal look. It shows the real me !!!!!

Becky Liu

I love the WeArt Fashion Jewelry ~~They are soooo affordable and innovative . They lights up my summer look!

Jessie Q

The rainbow drops are supper gorgerous!!!!

Alices Clay

They have so many interesting and elegant jewelry designs, and every piece is my favorite . I feel so proud to support their small local business!!!

Amanda Rose


The pride collection

Weart Fashion Jewerly celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and stands with those who continue to push for an equal and just future.