Scottish Bride Jen Get Married in Her Mother's Wedding Gown

Jen went to our store in Feb. 2017, she was introduced by her friend who is also an AmazingBridal bride Maria.  The first time we meet, she gave our designer a challenge : My mother wants me to get married in her wedding gown, but I don't like her flower print jacket, would you please help me for it? 😢

We love the idea of Jen's mother  wants to  inherit happiness and love to her daughter,  so we ask Jen's feeling about her mother's wedding gown and her wedding theme in order to custom a wedding dress style plan for her.

Jen's mother wedding gown is a simple silk satin skirt with straps , and has a princess-cut waist line.  Even though the gown is carefully saved in a box, its color gets a bit yellowish and no longer white. 

Jen also showed us pictures of her mother's bridal look and herself in both the skirt and jacket. We both agree on making a new jacket to replace the old style one, and still keep her mother's style to please her mother. 


 Jen is an TEFL teacher in Foshan, even though she has a lot of Scottish traditions, she wants something creative and outstanding on her wedding look. So we decided to make a lace jacket and saw some of color flower lace to decorate the top and make it more like Jen's mother's bridal look.


(The second time we met, we have had clear idea of her look, and we tried to put on our sample lace jacket and pin some flower lace on it .)

The third time we meet, we have finish Jen's lace jacket, to make her look even more nature and subtle, we used soft plant cotton lace   and handsaw the lace on ivory tulle.


(AmazingBridal designer is pinning some lace on Jen's jacket)

And here we go with the superstar of Jen's special jacket-----the flower lace!!!!


Three more weeks later,  Jen's custom jacket is finally finished.   It was a four months communications and service with Jen, to make her Jacket special and also memorable is a challenge. But when we saw how beautiful the  final results is , we both cried with tears. 


 Now let's enjoy some of Jen's happy moment on her country wedding. 



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It is a dramatic jacket!!!!!! I want the same one in my wedding. How I can order it? I don’t see it from the site.

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