Maria & Daniel's Mexico Wedding

Two years ago, Maria followed her boyfriend Daniel to work in Foshan, China.  Lupita is a lively  Mexican girl, while Daniel is an England gentleman,  so the first time they met, there was some sweet chemical reaction happening. 

It was fun designing Maria's wedding gown.  She wants a lightweight mermaid dress that she can dance in, a sheer crop-top as well as a full skirt that can show a bit part of her legs and wedding shoes.  

So she finally decided to choose the Victoria gown from our Dancing Feather Collection.  And to help our petit size bride Maria to show her curly figure and adjust her body proportion, we modify the the waist line of Victoria gown into high waist. 


 And three months later, Maria's personal gown is finally finished!!! She brought her dress to Oaxaca Mexico, and was ready for her grand wedding~~~~



Wedding gown style: Victoria    1500USD

Veil style:  Sofia veil  350 USD

Photographer: JSWEDDINGS







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